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Assassin 47 v1.1 Mod Apk Money

Assassin 47 v1.1 Mod Apk Money Play ASSASSIN 47 an elite sniper shooting game, to take roll of a contract killer hired to eliminate high profile targets. Drive cars to reach destination & unravel marksman sniper skills by shooting targets.
Welcome Agent 47! Your new assignment is to shoot-out underworld’s mob head, ‘Creed’ and other cartel members. He runs crime cartel in city and assemble furious gangsters in colosseum. Watchout for security guards protecting Mr. Creedy all the time. Master stealth moves and take shot as silent killer. Do not alert security officers by shooting assault rifle. Load weapon, take position in shadows and use sniper scope for shooting target precisely. After taking shot like an elite sniper assassin, escape in 4×4 car. Drive super fast cars to escape chasing enemies after assassination.
Equipped with lethal weapons like sniper rifle, AK-47, M4 gun and many more, your objective is to silently kill most wanted targets. During silent assassin missions do not blow your cover and takeout furious boss with accurate shooting skills. Get ready for a bloody shootout in sentry buildings where enemy is hiding in disguise. Drive sports cars, big bus or 4×4 jeeps to explore huge open world environment and go to destination. Aim precisely to take headshot from long distance into multiple buildings. If you miss the shot, enemy will run away from sniper sight. Eliminate top tier of criminals with sniping. Shoot target without distraction before he escape in car. Enjoy action packed gameplay with car driving & sniper shooter missions.
Sniper Assassin 47 Features:
Unlimited thrilling action in sniper assassin missions
Unlock multiple weapons from inventory
Drive various vehicles like sports car, bus or 4×4 jeeps
Realistic physics implemented for gun shooting & car driving
Interactive objectives to take-out wanted targets
3D immersive graphics with amazing sounds
Download ASSASSIN 47 to exhibit professional marksmen skills of a natural sniper shooter.

Assassin 47
Assassin 47
Assassin 47
Assassin 47
Assassin 47
Assassin 47


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