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Girl front v1.100 Mod Apk

Girl front v1.100 Mod Apk Welcome to 2060
Survivors, the responsibility to rebuild the security order of the world has fallen to our shoulders.
Now, it’s time to get back to your old days.
Select Us, Join Us –
“Griffin and Krueger” private military contractor

– Tactical advancement, real-time combat two modes of innovation and integration, strengthen the game’s strategic and operational

– 100 characters, firearms anthropomorphic
Well-known portrait artist as the role of design, from World War II to the modern, classic weapons and weapons covering the period, hundreds of gun girls waiting to send!

– Strategic deployment, multi-line advancement
Strategic map multi-line deployment, free control team to promote the use of excellent action strategy to obtain the initiative in the battle to the enemy of the enemy easily win!

– Immediate operation, in person
Before the enemy, rear output, combat operations in real time to change the formation of stations, reasonable manipulation of gun girls action to reverse the war situation!

– girls dormitory, Variety dress
Hundreds of different styles of room decoration, free custom girl dormitory for the gun girls who design the most individual and warm home!


Weaken the enemy


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