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Little Pets Animal Guardians v1.1.18 (Mod Apk)

Little Pets Animal Guardians v1.1.18 (Mod Apk) Explore the beautifully crafted levels, play with with little animals, tame your own mini pets and catch them all! The cute fluffy animals need your protection! Go on adventures with your favorite friend. Look after the little animals like they’re you’re very own mini pets. Let the animals roam wild in the safari like levels.Tame enough pets and the guardian dragons arrive to help to look after them. Lots of different animals and little pets to play as and train, do you have what it takes to get to the final guardian dragon sanctuary and release the mighty dragon kings?

★ New: Multiplayer mode! Play online or offline
★ 65 cute animals
– little pony, mini horse, cute puppy, happy dog, baby duck, pussy cat, super goat, sheep, Pig, Cow, Baby Dragons and more to train and play with!
★ Access 6 beautifully crafted levels to play and discover
– Enchanted Forest
– Ice Fortress
– Desert Wasteland
– Mayan Jungle
– Paradise Island
– Guardian Sanctuary

★ Immersive ambient music and sound effects
★ Easy movement system, just tap the ground and automatically navigate to that location
★ Unique animations
★ Intuitive camera control
★ Screen lock
★ Reduced graphics option for lower performing devices
★ Animal interactions
★ Unlock interactions by collecting gems and training the animals
★ Collect gems by interacting with the animals or by exploring the levels
★ Unique and colorful effects
★ Collect potions to gain speed boost and unlock additional effects

If your child enjoys pink pig, then train up the pink pig and use the pig to explore! Perhaps your child would like a puppy? Then there’s lots of cute little puppies and dogs to train and play with! Maybe you kid is a fan of kittens and cats, they are able to train the kitten pets and cat pets. They can even play with a little pony! There’s lots of little pony’s to train and play with. Run around the level at lightning speed on your very own little pony pet.

Once you’ve trained and tamed up all of the animal kingdom, the guardian dragon will return to protect all of your trained pets. The guardian dragon is a baby dragon with little wings, and they are also the fastest animals in the game, so collect them all and complete your very own pokedex like inventory of animals. Progress through the levels and discover the rest of the animal planet and provide shelter and care for the rest of the animal world

Once you’ve trained all of the guardian baby dragons, you will open up access to the guardian sanctuary. You’ll find lot’s of different dragons here, from big strong dragons to small cute dragons

Great for kids and children aged, a cute game that will provide hours of entertainment. Adopt your own animal farm and create a wild haven. Not just a game for children though, there’s fun for all ages, including adults!

It’s possible for babies and toddlers to play (with parent assistance), the beautiful landscapes, scenes and animals will leave your baby or toddler in awe and amazement! There is also the option of a screen lock, so your children won’t accidentally quit the game by pressing the device buttons.

It’s visually stimulating and thoroughly fun to play, hours of entertainment for your children and completely free to access 100% of the content, so what are you waiting for, help tame the little wild pets!

What’s your favorite pet? Pink pony? White Horse? The Fox? The Pig? Or maybe the water Dragon?

Let us know your thoughts, suggestions or any issues that you’re experiencing: sensoryplayapps@gmail.com

Little Pets Animal Guardians
Little Pets Animal Guardians
Little Pets Animal Guardians
Little Pets Animal Guardians
Little Pets Animal Guardians
Little Pets Animal Guardians

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