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Master of Dreams v2.3.6 Mega Mod Apk

Master of Dreams v2.3.6 Mega Mod Apk This is Russian language version only
Fully in Russian

– Stunning 3D graphics and 3D ARPG vigorous battle;
– More than 100 unique characters, each with their own special abilities;
– More than 500 skills that you bring down on their enemies;
– Endless tactical options thanks to systems Elements and Synergy;
– Play and compete with your friends online in multiplayer mode;
– Win your place in the Hall of Fame PVP-Arena;
– Optimized user-friendly interface;
– Live chat in the chat.

Several thousand years ago, the Lord of Darkness invaded our world, bringing legions of invaders and are spread throughout the world and the destruction of war …. The defenders of the World, the great masters, able to resist the invasion, which marked the beginning of the epic battle between the combined forces of the Masters and the countless army of Darkness that lasted for decades, as long as the price of non-human victims of the Masters could not sharpen the Lord in eternal sleep, and, seemingly, put an end to the war …
Thousands of years have passed since then: its horrors long since forgotten, left only in the legends of ancient times, but something went wrong and the Lord once again unleashed on our world his anger!
In search of ways to disarm the Masters before they can re-organize the defense,
he was able to apply to them with their own weapons – conclude each in his own dream!

Divided, the Master suddenly left all alone, without the ability to break the curse,
and the legions of destruction again sweep the world, and hope seemed to have gone …
Now you, Master – the last ray of hope of this World!
Immerse yourself in the Eternal Son, and try to free the mighty heroes,
that will help you release the Kingdom!
The world’s first 3D Action RPG | CCT for mobile platforms!

What and how you want to play – depends on you,
and constant updates will not let you get bored!

Note: Internet connection is required to play

Мастера Снов
Мастера Снов
Мастера Снов
Мастера Снов
Мастера Снов
Мастера Снов


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