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SOS v1.1.0 Mod Apk Money

SOS v1.1.0 Mod Apk Money “My belly hurts on the train!”
“She may have cheated on her!”
“The driver may be a murderer!”

Super SOS! Only you can rely on Tomodachi …!
Tomodachi got into various big pinches
Let’s lead to rescue! !

… The ending end is a dead end! What?
Rescue end! What?

The choice of you will hold the fate …!
Doki Doki Harara! Message app wind game!

———— Game content ————–

★ How to play ★
How to play is very easy!

1) When a message arrives from Tomodachi
Just pick a choice!

2) By consuming points, you can release new scenarios
Let’s watch various endings and earn points!

★ wearing element ★
· By releasing a new scenario or reaching the ending,
The correlation diagram will fill up!
And you can see an unexpected relationship …?
· There are 40 types of endings!
Collect all and let’s complete!


———- Introduction of Recording Scenario ———-

“Three fingers after the cliff”
I was climbing rocks, but my fingers were numb … …
Even now it is likely to fall! What?

“Can not be accounted for”
Although I have eaten out …
I can not pay without my wallet …! What?

“Die from now”
Because I was swayed by my lover …
I will commit suicide from now …! What?

“My belly hurts”
in the train…
Sudden abdominal pain hit … …! What?

“It was reported from Busu”
I was confessed but it is impossible …
I want to refuse it somewhat … …!

“Do not eat 4 days”
Become yachauba – …
To earn the number of video playback, I headed to a certain place …! What?

“Pinch with Gokon”
Although I participated in Gokon with spirit …
Have a couple with someone there …! What?

“The state of my best friend is strange”
My best friends came to stay …
It looks like something is strange …! What?

“I might have cheated on cheating.”
A trace like a phone was seen …!
She looks more creepier than usual …! What?

“The driver may be a murderer”
My car stopped moving, I was at my wit’s end …
The guy who passed by will get help …! What?

In the future, with your eyes …! !

★ Recommended for people like this ★
· Love, Comedy, Suspense Horror, etc.
To you who love drama, movies, manga and games!
· Friends, seniors, colleagues, juniors, everyone to make topics!
· Empathy, for you who like some stuff!
· To people who are looking for killing time apps!
I recommend it for a little free time of school, part time job and company!
You can enjoy completely free!超SOS


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