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Super Robot Wars X-Ω v2.4.0 Mod Apk

Super Robot Wars X-Ω v2.4.0 Mod Apk [Characteristic] ■ appeared in the Super Robot Wars Concerning Copyrights!
Bandai Namco entertainment is produced, developed and operated by Sega, B. B. Studio took a team in the supervision scenario production, Super Robot Wars latest series appeared in Concerning Copyrights!

■ robot action RPG to give to all of the robot anime fan!
Battle system is adopted the line operation Battle!
Puppet unit in intuition operation, whether defeat the enemy army looming from the left side of the screen!

■ war works are 30 pieces or more!
Super Robot Wars series debut “Special Armored Battalion Dorvack”, “Lightspeed Electroid Albegas”, “Zegapain”, “Code Geass bi-facial profile of Oz,” “STAR DRIVER shine of tact” is war!
Including Work appeared, such as “Mazinger Z” and “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack”, is more than 30 works of volume.

■ “Super Robot Wars X-Ω (abbreviation: Supakuro)” for the original scenario!
New scenario being deployed within the app, which was written down to for this app!
And participation work of work 31, will be spun a grand story that bet the fate of the universe by the original heroes.

■ Koero the limits in you only the strongest team!
Implement a mechanism for the acquired favorite unit, it can be enhanced with your choice of policy of the player!
To strengthen the unit that was put in hand until thoroughly, Aim the strongest team!
[Recommended OS version] Android 4.1 or higher

[Disclaimer] (1) Recommended models and, regarding the operation in other than the recommended OS version, it becomes the outside of the object of support.
(2) With your usage, even the recommended models might operate is unstable.

[For other inquiries]

[Rights expression] © Shoji Gatoh-four seasons Doji / Mithril
© color
© Sunrise
© SUNRISE / PROJECT GEASS Character Design © 2006 CLAMP · ST
© SUNRISE / PROJECT GEASS Character Design © 2006-2008 CLAMP · ST
© Sunrise project Zega
© SOTSU Sunrise
© dynamic planning
© Toei
© BONES / STAR DRIVER Production Committee · MBS
© 1998 Shoji Gatoh-four seasons Doji / KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobo-published
© 2001 Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning and photon Energy Research Institute
© 2004 Kawamori Shoji Satellite / Project AQUARION
© 2005 BONES / Project EUREKA

© Sunrise Bandai Visual
© SUNRISE / PROJECT G-AKITO Character Design © 2006-2011 CLAMP · ST
© Yoshito Usui / Futaba-Shinei TV Asahi · ADK

JASRAC license number: 9010553288Y43073


1. improve our attack (notify BGM settings: attack 10 open)
2. improve our blood
3. weaken the enemy attack
4. to improve our enemy moving speed (notice BGM settings: mobile 10 open)
5. Improve combat acceleration (notify BGM settings: move 10 on)
6. Ignore our warships were attacked with S evaluation
7. Disregard the last blow kill to complete with S rating
8. Disregard the nuisance hit 5 times have S evaluation
9. ignore the continuous launch of 5 times to kill with S evaluation
10. ignore the continuous launch 3 times to kill with S evaluation
Please be sure to finish teaching in the installation of modified version, or will be stuck Oh.


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