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UnityChan -Magician- v1.0.13 Meaga Mod Apk

UnityChan -Magician- v1.0.13 Meaga Mod Apk Unity of image character ” Unity -chan ” is trotting the world of 3D action RPG !!

Also change appearance of When equipped with weapons and armor Unity chan
Strong weapons and was allowed to equipped with armor , and try to steadily stronger!
※ weapons and armor it is also possible to strengthen .

[Functional overview] Equipment system
Equipment enhancement system
Skill system
Battle system
Shop system

[Method of operation] With one hand easy operation.
Remember a lot of moving way and try to find your own technique !

-Moving method
And trying to move freely the Unity chan Slide the screen .

-Avoidance operation
Unity -chan is sliding by quickly flick .
*During sliding it will be invincible .

-Method of attack
And the normal magic attack by double-tap the screen .

-Skills activate
Skill window opens Press and hold and hold the screen .
Skills triggered Continuing to flick in the direction of the skills!

[App Overview] App without charging.

*This app is available in the ” unity -chan license ” .
*Audio material we borrowed from the devil soul like .

[Future updates planned] opinions from users of everyone , we will support as much as possible to your feedback .

[Offer] GomiKingdom

UnityChan -Magician-
UnityChan -Magician-
UnityChan -Magician-
UnityChan -Magician-
UnityChan -Magician-
UnityChan -Magician-

1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Damage
3. Infinite HP
4. Infinite SP
5. Infinite Defence


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